A Scrolling Calendar of Events

Event Scroller creates a scrolling list of upcoming events for your website. You can publish the list on the front page of your website and capture more attention and clicks. Once a user clicks on an event photo, they can learn more about your next upcoming event. The scroller will show only upcoming events, saving you time from removing old events. You can also repeat an event automatically; daily, weekly or monthly ...

Event Scroller

Event Scroller is program for generating an html scrolling list of events on a webpage. The program works on Windows 7, XP, 2000, and NT .


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Scroll Events
Event Scroller will help you get attention for your events.

Getting attention to upcoming events for your school, company or business is very important. You visitors should be able to quickly spot the next few upcoming events. Updating a list of upcoming events can be a dounting task. Especially if you have events that repeat on a regualr basis and change often. Event Scroller will will let you layout and repeat events on a calendar and then produce an updating scrolling list of upcoming events.

Event Scroller - Details
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Easy Data Entry
Event Scroller program will run on a standard windows PC and publishes to any website using FTP or online to our webserver. You simple add an event on a spcific day on the calendar, add description, links and choose a photo and publish the list online. The data is stored in the program and you can generate many seperate event lists for multiple websites.

Event Scroller allows you to repeat events; daily, monthly,weekly or yearly. This removes the tediousness of having to edit the event scroller a breeze.

All event scroller events are to find and edit. Select a date and the program will show you all the events for quick that day. Click on the event and you can edit or delete it.

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